Optoelectronics for Digital Microfluidics

Digital microfluidics is a topic of growing interest, as it allows for discrete manipulation of fluids in integrated systems with an unprecedented level of spatial control. Voltages are applied to on-chip electrodes to carry out laboratory analysis tasks on a generalized microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) architecture. High levels of sensitivity and throughput can be achieved in these micro-systems for numerous biological, chemical, and health science applications–including environmental monitoring, drug discovery, protein analyses, and DNA analyses.

The IOL has introduced a new form of confocal optical sensing for greatly enhanced sensitivity in a novel digital microfluidic multiplexer device. Such a system is able to provide reconfigurable operation for a multitude of analytical processes with complete fluid actuation in the two-dimensional on-chip plane and localized (confocal) spectral sampling. The high level of fluid control and enhanced optical sensitivity together offer significant reaction sensitivity in modern biochemical micro-reactor processing.